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iPhone Mail Setup

Setting up a SYONEX hosted mail account on your iPhone or iPad is fairly simple. Follow these steps:

iPhone New Mail Account Setup

  • Open Settings
  • Choose Mail, Contacts, Calendars
  • Choose Add Account...
  • On the Add Account... screen, choose Other
  • Choose Add Mail Account
  • On the first New Account page
    • Name - your preferred name
    • Email - your complete email address
    • Passwrd - your password
    • Description - something to help you remember this account touch Next

  • On the second New Account page, Make sure IMAP is highlighted
  • Enter the mail server information
    • Incoming Mail Server - use and your complete email address for User Name, and your password
    • Outgoing Mail Server - use and your complete email address for User Name, and your password

  • Touch Next and the Save

iPhone Mail Account Settings Confirmation

To confirm your mail settings are correct:

  • Select the new account from the Mail, Contacts, Calendars list
  • It should show IMAP, Mail on, Notes off
  • Tap Account and you should see the details
  • Scroll down and select under Outgoing Mail Server
  • You should see listed under Primary Server, and it should be On
    • Select it and you should see
  • Go back to the Account page, and select Advanced
  • Under Mailbox Behaviors, Deleted Mailbox, select On the Server, Trash
  • You can set Drafts Mailbox and Sent Mailbox similarly
  • The Advanced page should show
  • Scroll down and you should see the mail account set for SSL, Password Authentication IMAP Path Prefix /, and Server Port 993.
And remember to save your changes.


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