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Mail Pulling from Other Platforms

You may wish to read mail sent to your domain on another platform. For example, you might wish to have your domain's mail end up in your Gmail account, or some other mail server.

It is possible to set your SYONEX hosted mail to forward to any other address, but there is a significant problem in doing that.

Do You Really Want To Do That?

You might be better off adding your SYONEX hosted email account into your mail client, and reading/sending in the normal way, alongside any other email accounts you have.

If you're using a group address to forward mail to multiple people (e.g. an info@ or sales@ address), you might want to create a personal mailbox for each recpient on the SYONEX mail servers, forward to those addresses (for each group member), and each person can read or fetch their mail as appropriate.

The Problem with Forwarding

We all receive spam or questionable mail from time to time. The SYONEX mail servers attempt to reject the worst of that junk, but for messages that aren't obviously spam, those messages are delivered to your SYONEX hosted mail address.

But, if your SYONEX hosted mail is forwarded to another address, it's inevitable that some of that mail to be forwarded is going to be spam. And to the other destination mail server, it's going to look like the SYONEX mail servers are sending spam.

And they will sometimes block all mail from the SYONEX mail servers. Which means that you won't receive the messages you want.

This problem has always existed, but has become much more of a problem in the last year or so. Mail configured to forward off the SYONEX mail servers now gets blocked on a regular basis. Stopping or preventing forwarding is the only reasonable way to prevent these mail blockages.

But Wait - I Don't Have Any Inbound Spam Forwarded!

Even if your forwarded addresses never receive spam, your mail's acceptability is going to be based on all mail being forwarded by all SYONEX hosted mail domain recipients.

It's inevitable that any forwarded address will receive unwanted spam, sooner or later.

The Solution: Pull Your Mail From SYONEX

Most major email platforms, such as Gmail or hotmail, allow you to configure your account there to pull mail from another mail server, via IMAP or POP, and drop that mail into your regular INBOX/

This is a much better way to get your mail into a different mail account.

Pull from Gmail

You should be able to go to your Gmail account, choose the settings (gear) icon at the top right, "See all settings", "Accounts and Import", and under "Check mail from other accounts", choose "add a mail account". You should be able to set it to pull your email from the SYONEX mail servers using POP3.


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